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Top 5 Questions to ask a web developer BEFORE they start building your website

Top 5 questions to ask a web developed before they start building your website , with photo of a person holding a phone, looking at wireframes and with screwed up paper on the desk.

There are good ones, bad ones and ugly ones 👎. Websites that is. So how can you avoid getting one of those bad and ugly ones being developed? My 'Top 5 questions to ask a web developer BEFORE they start building your new website.' will help you get the information that you need to make the right decision for you and your business website.

Can I update the website myself?

95% of the clients I help want the ability to make content changes to their website. Find out about the platform or content management system a developer will use. Specifically, you need to know how easy it is to do updates if you aren’t too technical. I include recorded training sessions and video tutorials, so that my clients can refer to these once the site has been handed over.

What is included?

Building a successful website isn’t just about beautiful design. There are fundamentals which should be done behind the scenes, but often aren't! These contribute to good user experience, search

engine optimization (SEO) and the ongoing function of the website. How is the website tested? Is it accessible? Do you get user support once the site is built? Is the website created using standard templates or bespoke to suit your business and brand?

What will it cost?

Linked to the question above, establish the cost for having the site developed, what happens if the scope changes, and are there ongoing costs or contracts (which can include hosting and updates managed by the developer)? If you’re going to update the site yourself, weigh up if the package being offered works for you. Knowing exactly what’s included will also help you compare quotes.

What do you need from me?

A good web developer/designer should use their expertise to guide you in terms of content and when it’s needed. Be prepared to have discussions about your visual identity, imagery and written content. They should also ask you about your brand, what your company represents, who you are communicating to and who you want to attract. These help inform user journeys, the structure of webpages and capture your business needs.

Who will be working on my website project?

You may approach an agency or a freelancer, so could deal with an individual who manages the whole project, or work with an account manager that passes the project to designers, developers etc. Whatever the situation, the important things here are:

  1. Know your point of contact(s) - make sure you know who they are and feel comfortable working with them.

  2. Communication – establish how often you will get updates and how you can get in touch.


Hopefully, you’ve not experienced a bad or ugly website build – and like my clients, you will receive a comprehensive proposal that explains the jargon and answers many of the questions above.

If you are embarking on a new website project, and it would be helpful to see a full list of questions to ask a website developer, please do email me and I will send you a copy!

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