• Liz Nicholls

"Sorry, we didn't think about you."

Opening the door to all your customers

Imagine a wheelchair user unable to make it to the front door of your shop or office because there isn’t a ramp. Not a helpful introduction to your business, right?

Whilst many UK businesses understand their obligations for making reasonable adjustments to physical buildings and environments, it’s not often the case when it comes to websites and other digital tools and technology (Equalities Act 2010).

Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design describes giving equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities, online.

Making accessibility adjustments and recognising the needs of many opens up access to information and services, and also benefits people without disabilities.

Let’s take videos, for example. Your granny may be hard of hearing - how does she understand what she’s watching? Or, if you’re on your phone in a quiet waiting room, how do you take in content with the sound turned down? By adding captions and transcripts, audio information is made available to screen reading software and search engines….and importantly viewers are happy because they’ve been able to consume your content.

Many of us experiencing the “new-norm” of the Covid-19 pandemic, are relying heavily upon websites, apps and digital technology for work and to go about our daily lives. So, businesses are also finding a shift in how their customers and potential customers transact with them. If we all take a moment to understand the diversity of our customers online, making even the smallest of adjustments to our websites and apps will open up doors.

If you’d like to receive my ‘5 Simple Digital Accessibility Tips for Small Businesses', then please do contact me at liz@olivine.co.uk.

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