• Liz Nicholls

Have you heard of CamelCase?

Millions of us use hashtags in our social media posts and blogs, but are they understood by all of your audience?

Using #agroupofwords can't always be deciphered and it may take some time for our reader to comprehend the message. Writing #hashtags in CamelCase is better for accessibility.

A camel head and #CamelCase

Why is it called CamelCase?

CamelCase is so-called because of the “hump” of capital letters that stick-up.

Using a capital letter for each word makes it easier for somebody with dyslexia to understand separate words. Screen readers can also read out individual words, rather than miss the hashtag completely.

So, next time you use a # in a social media post think #CamelCase. You’ll be helping your audience and can avoid those epic hashtag fails we’ve all heard of!

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